About Private Caravan Sales

Private Sale Caravans has been designed as an advertising platform to bring private caravan sellers and buyers together. The company is run by Bob and Tennea Cheesman, who have over twenty years experience of selling static caravans at some of the UK’s biggest parks.

We love caravans, and our aim is to bring the joy of caravanning to families at a more affordable price. By buying privately, smart buyers are able to get more for their money, and owners will get a fairer sale price for their caravan. 

We know from experience how one-sided the caravan sales industry can be. Retail prices tend to be high and buy-back prices are very low, leading to handsome profits for the park owners. We aim to change this by allowing an alternative way of buying and selling your caravan.

We know the hurdles that are put in place to discourage private sales, and can make the whole process easier for everyone involved. We can offer honest help and advice to secure your sale, and can answer any questions you may have.

Private Sale Caravans was launched in Summer 2018, and initially based in the South East, with agents covering other parts of the country. As we grow, we hope to expand nationwide and offer a real alternative buying method throughout the country. With your support we aim to make a level playing field for caravan owners, and encourage more people to enjoy the fun and freedom of caravan ownership.

Bob and Tennea. Owners of Private Sale Caravans